"I translate revealed reminiscences, into     distinct free standing ceramics". 

Each bowl I create tells a story. We all have a story, from the moment we are born.

Nobody deserves to be forgotten, so by way of keeping your story alive I encorporate facets of your life onto the surface of my handcrafted Celtic inspired Bowls. 


In Celtic mythology the stag is a symbol of the forest. It grows antlers that resemble branches on a tree. It looks as if it carries the forest around with it crowned on its head. The stag is fast, powerful and agile. This represents the the energy of nature which is self regenerating. The shedding of its antlers in the autumn and their regrowth in the spring is like the seasonal cycle of the forest trees which shed their leaves each autumn and regrow them each spring

"I think if I am being honest, as a creative I didn’t get the opportunity to choose a career path.. I was born a creative."

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