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I am an award winning ceramic artist. I graduated from the Limerick School of Art and Design in 1999 and completed a Post Graduate course in Creative and Cultural Entreprenuership in Trinity College Dublin in 2020.

I have been working as a Ceramic artist for the past twenty years while also teaching and guest lecturing in many contrasting educational settings. My work has been published in many publications and I have exhibited throughout Ireland and Europe. My work has been exhibited in the Saatchi Gallery in London U.K.

I have been commissioned to create works of Art for The Department of Foreign Affairs, The President of Ireland Mary McAleese, The Chilean Ambassador to Ireland and the College of Surgeons to name a few.

I use clay to reveal a story in the form of a unique range of ceramics. I draw inspiration from the life-stories told to me by the many people and clients who I've met along my journey.

Each piece of art I create comes from a place of devotion and passion for my craft. I have inherited the mastery of visual storytelling, a gift I gladly thank my Father for.

His nickname was "Wag", defined in the dictionary as "A teller of tall tales"...

His tales ignited in me a burning passion for knowledge..... of my heritage and culture. 

Having a conversation with my mother about her deceased Uncle Sam, I noticed when she and I have passed there will be no-one left to keep his memory alive. For me this just cannot happen. Everyone deserves to be remembered, that's where my latest body of work "Story Bowls" was born. I narrate a life story while weaving it into the soul of the piece.

The story of strength, resilience, and faithfulness is told through my hands.


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